Alphablocks Fairytale Adventure is a fanmade half-hour special crossover of Alphablocks, Chalkzone, and many more.


When Rudy, Penny, and Snap take a magical trip to Fairytale Land with the Alphablocks, B smells the fragrance on an enchanted purple rose, causing her to fall into a deep sleep, and the only way to wake her up is for a true princess to give E a magical enchantment, so that he could give Sleeping B a kiss to wake her up before it's too late. But there are no true princesses in Fairytale Land, so Penny Sanchez decides to become one. Will Penny become a true princess and help E break the spell, or will B be fast asleep forever?


The episode starts off with Rudy, Penny, and Snap visiting Alphaland. The vowels all rush over to them excitedly.

E: Excellent! You're here!

Rudy: Whoa, why are you guys so excited?

A: O just showed us a magical place where we can all play together! Come on, we'll show you! *she grabs Rudy's hand and takes the gang to a golden gate, where they meet B, D, W, N, and C*

Snap: Hey guys! Good to see you again!

B: Brilliant! Are we all ready?

N: Nes we are!

I: I am! I am!

Penny: Whatever is behind this gate must be full of exotic species!

Snap: Yeah, yeah, let's just go! *he pushes the gate open, revealing a colorful village in a bright meadow, with the sky petal pink along with a bright rainbow* Oy Kalloy! This is what you were talking about?! Sweet!

B: Beautiful!

I: Incredible!

Snap: Well, what are we waiting for Bucko?! Let's go! *he runs off, and the others follow him. They all meet at a pasture full of different colored flowers. 7 small animatronics, 2 bears, 2 bunnies, a chicken, and 2 foxes, run over to the gang.*

Penny: Wait now. This seems familiar. We must be in the tale of Snow White! And you must be the Seven Dwarves! Hello there!

Snap: Funny. I thought you guys would be less.... robotic.

Freddy: Hello guys! Welcome to Fairytale Land. And to the masked one's comment, this is a place where imagination comes to life, so the Seven of us can be animatronic dwarves.

Golden Freddy: In this world, everything, and everyone, is friendly.

Snap: Quick question, does your world grow deadly plants like nightshades or poison ivy?

Bonnie: Why do you ask that?

Snap: Because I'm staring at these purple roses, and for some reason, I have a bad feeling about them. Usually, happy fairytales take a dark turn for a bit, but they get resolved. You said that everything here is friendly. *Everyone comes to the purple roses.*

W: Wow!

B: They're Beautiful! *she reaches to pick one*

Golden Freddy: No, wait! That's a Nighttime Rose, you should only smell one when you go to bed! Who knows what happens when you smell one in the daytime? *but after B struggles to pick the purple rose, she lands after successfully pulling the rose out and smells the rose anyway. A bluish aroma puffs out from the rose onto B's face*

B: /b-b-b-b-b/ Oh bother.. I feel..... *she yawns and falls asleep*

Everyone but Golden Freddy: OH NO!!!

C: Crumbs!

D: Disaster!

A: What's happened to B?!

Golden Freddy: I tried to warn her. Now she's fallen into an enchanted deep sleep. She's turned into.... Sleeping B.

Snap: Sleeping B? I wonder if she can still make words? *he grabs E and D and makes them hold hands with a sleeping B*


A bed-shaped cloud appears with a rainbow silk sheet.

Snap: Well, she can still make words! And how the bed is made in this world, that's fancy. *E carries B into the bed* Well, what do we do now?

E: Poor B. We have to wake her up!

W: W-w- what can we do?

A: B, please wake up! *B doesn't respond*

D: Don't Despair! D can do it! *he starts playing his drums really loudly, but B just turns to her other side and snores* Disappointing. My drumming always disturbs her sleep. But my sister's dozing much deeper than Z!

Chica: According to the Fairytale Flower Guide, the only way to wake a victim of the Nighttime Rose is a kiss, enchanted by a true princess.

Snap: That sounds easy, *shouts* HEY CINDERELLA!!! GO ENCHANT E SO HE CAN KISS SLEEPING B AWAKE!!!!! *nothing happens*

U: How Utterly embarrassing!

Snap: That was wierd, I thought that would wake up B. And where's Cinderella? Perhaps I should call a different princess. *he gets ready to call out, but Mangle stops him*

Mangle: There are no true princesses in Fairytale Land. Someone beeds to become one!

Penny: Become a true princess? I'll do it!

Foxy: Arr! Attagirl! Here are the list of things in order to become a true princess: First, you must wear 5 Golden Rings from the Dragon's Cave, teach Blockzilla to sing, turn Flowey the Flower into Asriel Dreemurr, and bring the moon to King Asgore and Queen Toriel! And when you get to the castle, you have to grow your hair really long. You'll find out why.

Snap: Well, a normal kiss would probably work right? *he walks over to B and kisses her cheek, but everyone just stares as it doesn't work* And it doesn't work, Thank you very much! *walks off*

Penny: Snap, it had to be an Enchanted kiss from E.

Rudy: Well, this is probably going to be one the hardest adventures we've ever faced yet.

Nick Jr. Face: Hi there everybody! It's me, Face!

A: Oh, hello, Face. What are you doing on a TV screen in the middle of the stone wall?

Face: See this golden tree under Sleeping B? That tree has rainbow leaves, and as each leaf falls, you get less time to become a true princess and break the curse. And when the last leaf falls, B will be asleep forever! So, good luck. Brr brr brr!

E: I'm going with Rudy and the gang!

Rudy: Are you sure, E?

E: I am desperate to save B. I love her with all my might. I cannot think of a single day without her. I will be enchanted by Penny and kiss Sleeping B! Now that I've said it out loud, I'm embarrassed. But I'm coming!

Snap: You noticeably have a crush on B. Well, welcome to the team, Bucko!

A: This seems like a job for more than 4 people. I'm coming too. Who else wants to come?

I: I do! I do!

O: /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ (I want to come with you to your journey as well!)

U: Uh uh.

N: Nes you are! *pushes U foward*

U: Uh. So Unfair!

Rudy: Good. We've got all the vowels coming with us.

Face: Remember, when the last leaf falls, B will be asleep forever!

Snap: Yeah we know. Come on Buckos and Buckettes! We've got a Sleeping B to awaken! *and he, Rudy, Penny and the vowels all run off to the Dragon's Cave*

Chica: They are all so brave!

Rudy and Co. all make it to a large cave.

Rudy: Well, we made it to the Dragon's cave.

Snap: So, where are the rings?

Penny: The rings appear to be inside the cave. But there's a dragon guarding the chest containing the rings. So we must be very quiet while approaching her. *she and the gang tiptoe pass a large purple dragon eats spaghetti, with her tail guarding the chest. U steps on a branch, but the dragon doesn't notice. U sighs in relief as Penny grabs the 5 rings.*

I: I knew you could do it Penny! *the dragon notices them and roars* Oops.

A: Ah! Penny, quick. Put on the rings, they'll help you stop the dragon! *Penny hastily slips on the rings on each finger. When she shows the rings to the dragon, the dragon stops running after them.*

Dragon: Oh. I'm sorry, guys. I didn't see you there. Normally, I guard those rings so that thieves won't come in and take them, but you can have them.

Penny: Thanks. Miss Dragon. We really need them.

Dragon: What for?

Penny: Alphablock B accidentally smelled the Nighttime Rose, not knowing what might happen, and she turned into Sleeping B after she fell fast asleep, and the only way to wake her up is if E kisses her. But he has to be enchanted by a true princess. And there are no true princesses in Fairytale Land, so I have to become one, but I need your rings if I'm going to be a true princess.

Dragon: That explains a lot. Well, in that case, take this music box if you're going to teach Blockzilla to sing.

Penny: Thanks! *she takes the music box and beguns to wind it up, but the dragon stops her.*

Dragon: Wait. That music box only plays once, and you'll really need it when Blockzilla needs to sing.

I: I can sing! /i/!!!!!!!!!

Rudy: Okay I, perhaps you can sing later, but right now, we need to go. Some of the rainbow leaves might starting to fall off already!

Face: Rudy is right. Some of the leaves are starting to fall off, and quickly too! Remember, next you have to teach Blockzilla to sing! If the last leaf falls, B will be asleep forever!

Snap: Yeah. Dragon, you wanna fly us to Blockzilla?

Dragon: Sure! *everyone hops on the dragon's back as she flies off to a spot* Good luck becoming a true princess, Penny!

Penny: Good luck to you too! *waves* Now, where is Blockzilla.

Snap: I dunno, she could be anywhere. *just then, Blockzilla appears from the ground*

Blockzilla: Dah. Me Blockzilla! Me want to sing! *starts singing off key*

I: I beg your pardon, watch a true singer sing! /i/!!!!!!!!

Snap: Bucko, that doesn't help!

Rudy: Yeah, and that music box only plays once. Penny, could you wind up the box?

Penny: Sure, Rudy! Now Blockzilla, listen carefully, start singing when the music box plays ok?

Blockzilla: Dah! *Penny winds up the music box, and some music begins to play from it. Blockzilla bobs her head to the music* Dah! Me like this! 'Boingy Boingy Boingy Bing, We're teaching Blockzilla to sing'

Snap: It's working!

Penny: Let's all sing together to help Blockzilla!

All: Boingy Boingy Boingy Bing, we're teaching Blockzilla to sing!

Blockzilla: Dah! Me can sing now! Thank you!

Rudy: No problem.

Blockzilla: Dah. Penny! Take this red heart to turn Flower into goat!

Penny: Will do! *she looks into the bag*

Blockzilla: Dah! Wait! Heart will come out if you open bag! Be careful!

Penny: Oh. Okay.

Face: Hooray! You did it. I came here to let you know, MORE LEAVES ARE FALLING OFF!! We have to hurry! Cause if the last leaf falls....

Snap: Yeah, Bucko. We get it. B will sleep forever! Let's just go!

Face: Okay! Good luck! Brr brr brr!!

Rudy and the gang all continue their journey and stop at a buttercup garden, where a talking flower pops up.

Flowey: Howdy, I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower!

Snap: Hey Flowey. If you're okay, we'll turn you into a goat again.

Flowey: You have to catch me first! *he goes back downand pops up at a different position* Catch me if you can! *blows a raspberry. The others try to catch him, but he's too fast.*

A: Ah. He's too fast. We need to fight fire with fire.

P: *pops in* I just popped in!

Snap: Oh good. P, could you catch Flowey?

P: Precisely! *she pops in every area Flowey pops out until she grabs Flowey and puts him in a flower pot*

Snap: Alright you naughty flower. Hold still as Penny gives you a soul. *Penny opens the bag and the soul fliats over to Flowey, turning him into a teenage goat/lion hybrid*

Asriel: I'm not a flower anymore! Hooray! Thank you Penny. Being a flower is no fun at all.

Penny: Once again, you are welcome.

Asriel: As a reward, take this magic brush and go to my parents' castle.

Penny: I will. *she begins to brush her hair, but Asriel stops her*

Asriel: Hold on, Penny. That brush is magical. It will make your hair grow long when you use it.

Penny: Sorry. I keep forgetting.

P: Well, time for me to pop out! *pops out*

Face: Hi, I came here to say....

Snap: Let me guess: There are only a few leaves left?

Face: How did you guess? You are so smart. Well, you know what I'm going to say next.

Everyone: When the last leaf falls, B will be asleep forever!

Face: All you have to do now is bring the moon to the king and queen! Brr brr brr!

Rudy: Come on! We still have some time. *Rudy and co. climb up to the top of the castle, where they met Asgore and Toriel.

Toriel: Why Hello my children! What brings you here?

Penny: I'm going to bring the moon to you so I can become a true princess.

Asgore: A true princess? What for?

Penny: Our friend B has fallen into a deep sleep, turning her into Sleeping B, and if the last leaf falls, she'll be asleep forever!

Snap: Look how many buttercups you've planted! *starts picking them, but a brown goat-lion geowls angrily at him* Oh. Uh, sorry.

Chara: Every Dreemurr has 2 things in this life: their soul anand their dignity. Just don't eat them. They're toxic.

Penny: Hello Chara!

Chara: Hi. What brings you here?

Snap: Well, you see Penny is trying to become a true princess.

Chara: Fat chance; she's not the daughter of a king.

Snap: But B is under a curse!

Chara: Then B is under a curse, What's the problem?

Snap: Excuse me, but it's a big problem. She smelled the Nighttime Rose!

Chara: Oh, the purple rose. She smelled that rose, she learns not to smell it again. You know how many buttercups I ate?

Snap: Like a bunch of them?

Chara: One. I became sick. I came back in Goat-Lion form and I never ate a single buttercup again. Anyways, nice to meet you. 4 letters are coming over to help Penny, but Dad accidentally left the stair button off.

Snap: Huh? *just then, K, G, C and D run over to the castle, but there's no door in sight* oh. Sorry guys!

D: Where's the door?

Snap: There is no door. We need to find some other way to get you up here. Rudy, you gotta draw something!

Rudy: I'm sorry Snap, but I kinda left my magic chalk with the 7 dwarves.

Penny: Hmm... *stares at her magic brush* Maybe this brush can help?

Snap: Penny, that brush is a bit too small.

Penny: No, Snap. I mean that if I brush my hair long enough, K, G, C and D will be able to climb it like a rope! *she starts to brush her hair, and her hair starts to grow longer. Once her hair almost reaches the ground, D, G, and K can now climb up*

D: How Daring of her! *starts to climb up Penny's hair*

C: Cool! *climbs the hair too*

G: Great! *also starts to climb*

K: OK! *climbs up as well*

Penny: This is the best alternative ever, and it doesn't even hurt at all! *D, G, C and K finally make it to the top*

Snap: Hey guys! Let's go grab that moon! *later, the the moon is ties to a very long rope. And the others pull at the other end. Asriel is in his god form*

Asriel: HEAVE!!!!

All: HO!!!!!

Asriel: HEAVE!!!!!!

All: HO!!!!!!!

A: Ah! It won't budge!!

Snap: We need more help!!!!

Asgore: There's no one else here to help us.

D: Don't despair! I've called Backup! *the dragon and Blockzilla all appear*

C: Cool! We've got the Calvary!

K: OK! Get ready to pull!

Asgore: Alright everyone. On 3! One!.... Two!..... THREE!!!

Everyone: HEAVE!!!!!! HO!!!!!!!! *they finally bring the moon down, and Asgore grabs it.*

Toriel: Well done Penny.

Asgore: Penelope, thank you so much. You truly are a true princess. *he taps Penny's forehead lightly with his trident, and a magical aura glows from Penny as she begins to spin. Now Penny is wearing a princess tiara, along with a long purple gown and glass slippers*

Penny: I am a true princess!

Rudy: Wow! Cool dress Penny.

Snap: I suppose we can celebrate for a bit. We've still got plenty of time, right?

Face: I sure wish that was true. Look! *he shows a picture of Sleeping B, still fast asleep, and the golden tree, now with only 1 leaf left.* You have to hurry! Or she'll be asleep forever!

D: What? That's my sister! E, you got to save her!

G: But how do we return to the Dwarves' meadow?

Penny: With a little bit of help! *she whistles from her fingers, and the dragon from before appears. Everyone hops onto the dragon* Dragon, please take us back to the meadow!

Dragon: With pleasure, and call me Lucille.

Penny: Okay Lucille! *Lucille flies swiftly into the air as everyone waves goodbye. When they arrived, they dismount Lucille* Look! There they are! E, are you ready?

E: Exactly! *Penny uses her princess magic in E*

Penny: Now you have the magic to kiss Sleeping B awake! Hurry, E! The last leaf is about to fall!

E: Eh! *he runs to the sleeping B and picks her up a bit from the bed while the last leaf falls slowly to the ground. E kisses B on the forehead right before the leaf touches the ground.* B?

B: /b/ *she wakes up a little, her eyes slowly opening. She yawns as everyone gathers around her and E* Oh bother! I just had a bizarre dream that Penny became a princess and E saved me from a curse...

E: That was all true B? And that was exciting! We should come to Fairytale Land more often! Right B? *but B was snoozing in her bed once again* Eh. I guess B could sleep for a little longer. *everyone laughs*


- F, H, J, L, M, Q, R, S, T, V, X, Y, and Z are all absent in this special. However, Z was mentioned once by D.

- This fanmade special was inspired by Dora's Fairytale Adventure.

- the Dreemurrs were portrayed as goat/lion hybrids.

- In this special, Chara returned to the surface as a goat/lion hybrid.

- This is fanmade. So don't take it too seriously.

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