All the alphablocks have a sleepover. E snores.


A: She easily gets to sleep and snores

B: She kinda hogs most of the blanket from C.

C: She ate too much at dinner

D: He drools

E: He sleeps with B.

F: Kicks in her sleep as a result of having a wild dream

G: Drools a lot. H is annoyed

H: She can't get to sleep, but snuggling with K kinda helps.

I: Sings and boasts in her sleep.

J: She dreams of being a real jaybird and flying. In reality, she flaps her arms around like crazy.

K: He snores.

L: She tries to sing everyone a lullaby but they decline on her offer.

M: He does not join the sleepover because he eats everything.

N: He always smile in his sleep.

O: He snores loudly.

P: She is beautiful and charms D

Q: She insists on sleeping with U. U hides under the bed and Q thinks he's playing hide and seek with her.

R: She falls asleep quickly and annoys S by snoring

S: After one hour she falls asleep

T: He wants to have a midnight tea party.

U: He is angry because Q wants to sleep with him.

V: After a day of racing around he wants to sleep. Afterward he snores.

W: He cries because he trips over. Later, he is shown sleeping with Y.

X: He sleeps.

Y: He sleeps.

Z: He always sleep throught the whole episode.

Note: This is fanmade.

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