Alphablocks x Angry Birds: Clash of The Pigs is the first comic made by Anindya Yayi B.

Alphablocks x Angry Birds: Clash of The Pigs
Author Anindya Yayi B.
Illustrator Anindya Yayi B.
Publication date 2020
Published by Nizal Syaromi
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Publication Order
Preceded by
Followed by
Alphablocks x Angry Birds: Battle of The Golden Eggs



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It starts on an island where Matilda meditates. When suddenly, a square object falls from the sky, surprises Matilda, and hit the ground with a sound. ' ~/a/~ ~/a/~! ' said the block, which was revealed it was an alphablock. Matilda asked what's her name. The alphablock introduces herself as A. Maltida says hi to A. She will tell the flock about the block she met. Suddenly, a team of pigs was sneaking on a bush. The pig was wondering there was A guarding the eggs.

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