Three teams compete to find out who can make the most words at the Alpha games.

Story Edit

X welcomes the Alphablocks along with the viewer at home to the Alphalympics Games. One of the three teams will win the Alpha Cup. X announces Team 1: A, E, M, S, and T.

s-ea-t, SEAT!

A chair appears.

s-a-t, SAT!

M sits down.

t-ea, TEA!

M drinks the tea.

s-e-t, SET!

The table is set.

ea-t, EAT!

M eats it all up.

s-ea, SEA!

A sea of water carries M away. That's six words. Team 2 is Q, U, W, J, and Z.

q-w-j-z, QWJZ!

U does nothing.

w-q-z-j, WQZJ!

U does nothing. Team 3 is D, H, O, P, and R. The score to beat is six.

r-o-d, ROD!

H has a rod.

p-o-d, POD!

H fishes a pod.

p-r-o-d, PROD!

A hand prods H.

d-r-o-p, DROP!

H drops the pod. O doubles up.

d-r-oo-p, DROOP!

H starts to droop.

d-oor, DOOR!

A door appears. H opens it. That's six words! One more word to win it!

p-o-p, POP!

H pops in. Team 3 wins the Alphalympics Games!

Trivia Edit

  • Word count: 13.
  • I is the only vowel in the audience.
  • Apart from X, U is the only Alphablock to speak properly, albeit one line.
  • This is the only appearance of trigraph OOR and the first appearance of digraph EA.
  • POD is the first word in this episode to have a P. But when it's sounded out, P says "pa". In the remaining four words with P (PROD, DROP, DROOP, POP), P says an unvoiced "ppp".
  • This page's comment section has way too many things about Team 1.
  • In the final scene of the episode, if someone were to notice, W, I, and N form the word WIN.
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