Ants is an episode of Series 2020.


T counts down while A drops in in time for the picnic. N arrives ten seconds late. T has tea for the picnic. A has apples. N has... nothing, of course. T tells him he can't except a picnic to appear.

a-n-t, ANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An ant appears, tickling A, N, and T, and steals the apples. A blames N, when he says it wasn't him. S appears to help.

a-n-t-s, ANTS!

Many ants appear, tickling A, N, T, and S and steal T's tea set. A, T, and S shout N's name in blame of him. N says it wasn't him. P pops in.

p-a-n-t-s, PANTS!

Six pairs of pants appear. They float down like parachutes. The ants are carrying them. When they land, they carry P, A, N, T, and S away from the picnic.

What will they do?

ANTS - More ants appear.

NAPS - N, A, P, and S take a nap.

PANS - Pans make a banging noise.

PANT - P, A, N, and T pant while running in place.

PATS - P, A, T, and S pat each other.

TANS - T, A, N, and S get a tan.

TAPS - Four taps appear, making T, A, P, and S wet.

PAST -pasting us. With O

SPAT -S spat soars out for T.

SPAN -S P A & N runs the rig to H!

STAN- A stan stains of it B and D play lot a band!

SANT- Sant is one L!

NATS- Nats M eats!

SNAP (star word) - N decides to snap his fingers and make a delicious picnic appear. A, P, T, and S turn away from him, and when N snaps, a picnic with many delicious foods appears. A, P, T, and S don't notice. The ants steals the picnic. N tries to stop them, but when the others turn to him, they shout his name. N is depressed and walks away. I and C appear to help.

p-i-c-n-i-c, PICNIC!

A picnic with lots of foods appears. N snaps in S, A, and T, and then snaps away the ants and their pants.


  • Total words: 7 (tv version), 11 (game version) 
  • , E, F, J, K, , , , Q, R, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • Running gag: Alphablocks shouting N's name when things go wrong.
  • C and I only say their name as their solo line (ignore their sound).
  • PAST SPAN SPAT STAN is was H SPAN G SPAT O PAST & B STAN for D game version this solo line.
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