Plot Edit

In the morning...

Meta Knight: Hey Female Villager!

Female Villager: Yes Meta Knight?

Meta Knight: Want to make a plan for B's birthday and then we could get the cake ingredients because Ness needs the cake ingredients so no one will ruin B's birthday to make her cry.

Female Villager: Yes please!

Meta Knight: Okay, let's get lucky for it, shall we?

Female Villager: I hope so!

Meta Knight: Me 2!

Rosalina: Let's see If I ask Numberjack 7 for B's birthday.... There it is right there.

Zelda: Oh, really?

Falco: That's right.


V: Zelda, have you made a plan?

Zelda: Yes.

K: Okay!

Ness: You just copied me!

K: Aha, we both say okay!

Rosalina: Wait, what?

Shulk: Why is that, feeling it?

Pinkie Pie: Welcome back Meta Knight and Female Villager! What brings you here?

Ness: They bought me the ingredients!

Pinkie Pie: That's for sure!

Kyan: Well, sounds good to me!

Xuli: Me 2.

Lars: Me 3.

Foz: Me 4.

Ness: Me 5.

N: Me 6.

Rosalina And Luma: Me 7.

Sonic: Me 8.