B Gets the Cold is a crossover episode of Alphablocks and Chalkzone.


B becomes sick while playing hide and seek with the other blocks, along with Rudy Penny and Snap, so they all come to her aid to make her better.


It was a beautiful morning in Alphaland, and the Alphablocks were all playing hide and seek. F was the one trying to find the others. She finds C, U, and P under a giant cup. Then the only block she didn't find was B. B was hiding behind a large piece of terrain. She tries not to sneeze, but fails to as F finds her. B uncontrollably sneezes, her nose turning red. B says that she wasn't feeling well, and Penny suggests that B should rest.

Later, B is in her pajamas, lying in a bed, still sneezing. L instructs her to lie down, which B lies does. Penny gets an idea and tells D, O, and C to hold hands.


Penny is now in a doctor's outfit. She checks B's temperature, and when she studies the thermometer, it shows that B is running a fever. They all decide to leave and check on B the next day.

The next day, B starts coughing now. Disappointed by B's cold, Snap suggests that B should take a cold medicine. U says that cold medicines taste unpleasant, but Rudy says that we have to take medicine to get better. Snap tells M, E, and D to hold hands.


A pill appears in Snap's glove, but it's not really a pill: it's a jellybean, as M eats it. Penny says it's because when an Alphablock is sick, it affects other blocks' word magic. H and K then run by and ask what's going on. A says that B is sick and they're trying to treat her cold. H suggests that B should exercise to get better. Then all the blocks run all around Alphaland until B decides to run a few laps by herself until she's out of breath. The others ask how she's feeling, B says that she's better, but her cold is just getting worse. Rudy then says he has a plan and calls R over, and R swings by and asks what is wrong, but Snap pushes R between U and E, forming the diagraph URE. Rudy then instructed C to hold hands with URE.


A book appears, and it's a cure book. Penny says that the cure to B's cold is some cold medicine as well as a syringe. B does not want to take the syringe, but Snap says that she has no choice. While the others argue whether the syringe is necessary or not, B falls fast asleep. The others see her and walk away slowly, and Penny realizes that she read the cure for the wrong illness and says that the true cure for B's cold is lots of rest. The next day, B is seen rocking out on her bass guitar, declaring that she's all better now! The others are very happy that B is all better now.


B: /b/ /b/ /b/ *sneezes* Bother. I'm not feeling my best today.

C: Crumbs. B must've caught a cold!

B: /b b/ You're back. *coughs*

U: /u/ so unfair!

Snap: Well, that's a shame. Your cold just added coughing. Why wait until you get better when you could just take a cough medicine right away?

A: Hello H. B is sick, and we're trying to make her feel better.

Penny: Oh no! It seems that B has a fever!

B: A syringe?! I'd be better off if I'm still sick!

Snap: Young lady, you ain't got no choice!

D: Don't despair, sis. You'll be feeling downright decent by dawn!


  • G, I, J, N, Q, S, T, V, W, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • O, D, E, and M only say their sound in this episode.
  • An Alphablock's illness affects the word magic of others.
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