Alphablocks IR meet the birthday girl, throw an amazing party for her and make her special wish come true.


G, IR, and L get ready for a party. But they don't know what is party is about. So, they decided to hold hands to find out.

g-ir-l, GIRL!

A girl appears. She says she hears the Alphablocks are having a party and asks who it's for. G, IR, and L claim it's for her. The girl becomes excited that it's her party. She calls some Alphablocks to help plan the party.

b-ir-th-d-ay, BIRTHDAY!

It's the girl's birthday! Everyone wishes the girl a Happy Birthday. The first thing is a cake. The girl calls one Alphablock to help.

s-t-ir, STIR!

A bowl appears. The ingredients are put in and mixed up. Then the girl calls 2 other Alphablocks.

s-qu-ir-t, SQUIRT!

They squirt the frosting on the cake, but the girl's dress is a mess.

s-k-ir-t, SKIRT!

A skirt appears. Then when it's time to play party games, the Band comes in. W joins in. They play Musical Statues. D plays the drums while they dance. When the music stops...

t-w-ir-l, TWIRL!

...everyone twirls. When it's time for presents, H wonders if they've got her a present. IR light the cake candles. Everyone sings Happy Birthday to the girl. After she blows out the candles, G and L bring in a box. B, IR, and D pop out of the box.

b-ir-d, BIRD!

A bird appears. The girl rides the bird into the sky.


  1. Total words: 7
  2. C, E, F, J, M, O, P, V, X and Z are absent in this episode.
  3. A, B, D, K, N, QU, S, T, U, and TH only say their sound in this episode.
  4. Q and Y don't talk solo in this episode.
  5. Y doesn't appear for the rest of the episode after BIRTHDAY is sound out.
  6. This is the only TV appearance of digraph IR.
  7. This is the final episode to feature G, K, Q, and R.
  8. This is the final time H appears as a single Alphablock.
  9. This is the final time L speaks properly.
  10. BIRD is the final word in the series sounded out with I. and ads suck
  11. OK, ignore C and the others but C really IS absent!
  12. this marks the third time C is absent. she will be absent at THE SAME TIME!
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