STORY: O says "go on", but I keeps saying "no". M bumps into O and I, forming digraph OI. T flies in and holds hands with them.

m-oi-t, MOIT!

M, OI, and T sing randomly, but T says "stop" because they need to sing a...

s-oi-t, SOIT!

The Alphablocks sing about words that end in "oi". The song ends with fireworks going off.

d-oi-t, DOIT!

Doit in and the ride goes. G comes in.

g-oi-t, GOIT!

G makes sure he gets better Goit.

b-oi-t, BOIT!

B feels better. Next he goes to the Boit.

b-oi-l, BOIL!

In L lovely boit.

n-oi-s, NOIS!

Nois play the Fishing Rod.

r-oi-s, ROIS!

Rois appears to R Pirate N comes by.

n-oi-t, NOIT!

Noit Nois Noit Nois N Double Two play ping pong game.

x-oi-t, XOIT!

Xoit appears bicycle X making, V comes by.

v-oi-t, VOIT!

Voit appears arms some V.

c-oi-r, COIR!

A Coir appears. OI opens it and of him the out like a fireworks on.

NOTES: -Song: Everybody Needs A Song To Sing. -A, E, F, H, J, K, P, Q, U, W, Y and Z are absent in this episode. -C is the only constants who made a cameo in this episode. -B, C, G, L, N, P, V and X only say their sound in this episode. -This is the only Long Vowel Song to have digraph OI. -O doesn't speak in this episode.

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