C Makes Friend O is a Season 6 episode.


It's Afternoon, but O has hold hands with G and wishes to hear a O looking new friend C. C and O come to play. danger plunger himself up.

c-o-g, COG!

COG! The appear park, C play them new friend O resupply. E and S comes appears.

e-s-ee, ESEE!

ESEE! O play Sand Box Castle blasts C them O and C next play away. A, L and N comes appears.

a-n-l-s, ANLS!

ANLS! O play swings C and O. Push me O No Away play O not play C humming. C and O Play Slide Park it's don't play anymore with O Crying to G. C saves on O play some park, C play some new Friend O play again.

c-o-g-o, COGO!

COGO! C and O slung back to H and T comes to play.

h-o-t, HOT!

HOT! The G, H and T noise applet C makes new Friend O, Y comes to them.

y-o-h, YOH!

YOH! The C and O play first sandbox, swings and slide park to end.


  • Total words: 6
  • B, D, F, I, J, K, M, P, Q, R, U, V, W, X and Z are absent in this episode (they are Alphablocks not seen or even mentioned feature during the episode).
  • E, H, N, S and Y only say their sound in this episode.
  • O also makes the same crying sound effect from "Wig".
  • C has made his only other appearance in the episode Kick.
  • I only appears letter capital Play without O cries twice in this episode and "Birthday Girl."
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