Card is a Season 3 episode.


The episode begins with H jumping 100 times in the Alphablocks Talent Show. For the next act, A appears, but she hasn't got an act.

h-a-t, HAT!

A hat with a wand appears. As she wonders what she can do with these, she waves the wand, making H and T disappear. A decides to do a magic act. She uses the wand for an assistant. R come in and sticks with A, making digraph AR, who does a card trick. They pick N from the audience. N picks an ace heart card. AR hides it and brings in C, D, H, K, and P.

What will they do?

HARP - AR brings out a harp, but it's not a card.

CARP - AR brings out a carp, but it's not a card.

HARK - AR are calling for hark.

DARK - Everything turns dark.

PARK - A park appears, but it’s not a card.

HARD - A card is small and N can not see it.

CARD (star word) - AR brings out a five spade card, a two hearts card, and a three club card. But none of them are the card N picked. T wants to abandon the act, but AR has a better idea.

t-ar-t, TART!

A tart appears.

p-ar-t, PART!

The tart is in a part.

j-ar, JAR!

The part of the tart is in a jar.

c-ar, CAR!

The part of the tart in the jar is in a car.

c-ar-t, CART!

The part of the tart in the jar in the car is on a cart.

b-ar-n, BARN!

The part of the tart in the jar in the car in the cart is on a barn.

f-ar, FAR!

The part of the tart in the jar in the car on the cart on the barn is now far away on a star... with N's card! N is surprised to see that and everyone cheers.


  • Total words: 12 (TV version), 15 (game version)
  • B, C, D, F, I, K, P, and R only say their sound in this episode.
  • E, G, L, M, S, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • This is the final episode featuring J.
  • This is the only time Q appears without U.
    • In addition, she has no solo lines. 
    • E, G, L, M, S, U and Z doesn't appear episode in the play to Talent Show. 
    • Kirby's Mario don't appears Magic Day. 
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