When gets computer, she appears say her name - but T and very sing a song to Computer her remember.

STORY: C, E, M, O, P, R, T, And U has the looking, but she can't remember her name Computer. Who am T? T can't say. T seem to have funnily my computer. Computer And looking with T from my Computer here looking, polite all my computer pictures. Computer Vowel E, O, and Y doesn't play Computer.

c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r, COMPUTER!

When T with Computer, there's always time to...

m-o-p, MOP!

Appears Mop by Computer, soon we'll before on without...

t-o-p, TOP!

Appears Top, is big top fail error to Pictures T on Computer.

c-l-ea-r, CLEAR!

I'm clear with Computer, and soon L Arrives looking we'll A Drop in before on the Computer Clear...

t-u-b-a, TUBA!

A Tuba appears say her T. Now what do you say, tuba? You're on The T play. With Come and Some Play Music F, G, N, S, X, and Z make a cameo at the end.

NOTES: --Song: Sing Song I'am T! -When support arrives A And L looking clear, T makes some are at the music. When B plays her tuba, G, N and S are there. During the song, X and Z are there. --F, G, N, S, X, and Z make a cameo at the end, but they don't speak.

characters Mrs stinkybutt (debut) X Z S F N G

objects computer (debut)

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