When a cowboy rides into Alphaland, it's time for OU and OY to round up some cows. Yee-hah!


O duplicates himself into four. As U, W, Y, and I watch, the four O's begin to topple over. One O sticks with U. The second sticks with W. The third sticks with Y. The fourth sticks with I. As OU and OI leave, T holds hands with OY.

t-oy, TOY!

A toy appears. T leaves. B joins in.

b-oy, BOY!

A boy appears and introduces himself. B asks what a boy is. The boy says he is one. C comes in.

c-ow, COW!

A cow appears. The boy says he wants to see it again.

c-ow-b-oy, COWBOY!

The boy turns into a cowboy and Alphaland turns into the Thousand Cow Ranch. The boy sets off to round up a cow. Passing OU, he asks them if he can help. The boy offers them a hat. While searching for a cow, they pass D and L.

l-ou-d, LOUD!

The cow belts out a loud "MOO!", frightening L, OU, D, and the cowboy. They, minus L, chase the cow, while N, who is playing the harmonica joins in with them. They notice that the cow appears to be hiding. Suddenly, they hear a sound like a rattlesnake. It's actually S, who is shaking a rattle.

s-ou-n-d, SOUND!

They hear a sound like a cow. As they approach the sound, the cow sound is actually from a moo box. As they continue the search, F flies in.

f-ou-n-d, FOUND!

They've found a real cow! The cowboy lassoes it in. "One down, nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine to go," he says. N, shocked, shouts "Nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine?!" Suddenly, they hear another sound, this time sounding like footsteps of another cowpoke-block. It's digraph TH, who is walking like a crook. S and A enter, and they all hold hands.

th-ou-s-a-n-d, THOUSAND!

A thousand cows appear. Yee-haa!


  • Total words: 8.
  • This is the final episode of the series.
    • THOUSAND is the final word sounded out in the series.
  • This is the only TV appearance of digraphs OY and OU.
  • Digraph OY also appears in the game version of Jaybird.
  • H stays stuck with T in this episode.
  • I only appears in the beginning of the episode. Here, no words are made with digraph OI. It's like I appeared for nothing.
  • A, D, F, L, S, and digraph TH only say their sound in this episode.
  • E, G, H (single), J, K, M, P, Q, R, V, X, and Z are absent in this episode.
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