D wants to sing and fly like a Deer - can E and friends help?

STORY: D pretends to be a deer. She tries to fly and sing like a pan, but she is too heavy and she makes a deep "d-d-d-d-d." It upsets E and O. O tries singing. D has the same dot, like O has. But O is not a jaybird and she sings better than D. As she leaves, she tries again, but the noise makes C, H, N, P, S, T, and Z. Poor D doesn't think she's a deer.

Who is D?

DEC - D jabs E and C.

DEN - N is covered in Hat. N tries to eat it.

DES - C, E, H, N, P, S, T and Z end up in a jar on top of J.

DEZ - D has a big jaw and she is in a deep voice.

DET (star word) - D turns into a real pan. She and the other Alphablocks sing a song about it.

NOTES: --Song: I'm A Real Deer Pan 

--C, H, and Z do not talk in this episode.

--K don't appear in this episode.

--A, B, F, G, I, J, K, L, M, Q, R, U, V, W, X and Y are absent in this episode.

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