Demy is a Season 6 episode.


D comes up with Demy Special Show. He keeps trying and then G play by flute. D says that it is Drum. Then G he has Play Flute. Then I drops in. They try again and people this shunt.

d-i-g, DIG!

D, I and G gets a new instrument. Everyone helps D make a Drum in repair some happen.

How will the other Alphablocks help?

CEN - C can she reaches the Cen appears G Save Up.

CET - Cet appears. But it G Save Up doesn't have.

FET - F, E and T rides a Bug away. But she can't G Save Up.

NET - Net freeing stung with the she G Save Up can't sunder.

TEN (star word) -D wants to ten. She Splat G Comes in, but she is covered with trash G Daughter and D Boy.

d-e-m-y, DEMY!

The Alphablocks play a Boy D Play Drum and Daughter G Play Flute.


  • Total Words: 7 (TV Version), 5 (game version).
  • T only says his sound in this episode.
    • F also only says his sound, but only appears in the game version after NEF is sounded out.
  • A, B, H, J, K, L, O, P, Q, R, S, U, V, W, X, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • M only who don't speak in this episode.
  • C, E, F, N and T are the audience in this event.
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