Divers Water is an episode of Series 3. 


A where U compete to make words. D, E, I, R, S and V comes into them Divers Water.

d-i-v-er-s, DIVERS!

A Divers appears D, E, I, R, S, U and V joins underwater some just M Comes into help.

d-u-m, DUM!

Dum on the slide Iand good idea.

g-o-p, GOP!

The Gop into them G, O, P trouble And U suppers diver pop. A, E, F, L, N, S, T, and X come to help.

What will they do?

FUL - Ful some into from storm.

FUN - Fun finds a case with diver into.

LUN - Lun some good into them.

NUT - Nut appears into U says gamins.

SUN - A sun appears to divers water arrive!

SUT - Sut appears ling some everybody.

SUX - Sux appears to museum pineapple P into them.

TUX (star word) - Tux appears some everyone into them treasure box. divers water Bye Bye A, E, F, L, N and S some into T, U and X end sponsorship line.


  • Total words: 8 (TV version), 10 (game version)
  • B, C, H, J, K, Q, W, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • D, G, L, N, O, P, S, U, V, and X only say their sound in this episode.
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