Doll of Darkness is a villain of NB.


Talking Tom Superheroes

  • Haunted Toy House ( debuted )



It was debuted in Talking Tom superheroes' Haunted Toy House. It was adopted by Angela and she then took its necklace. It has revenge on her and turned the house into a haunted house. It then is vanished by the heroes, never to be seen again.

It reappears in Island Darkness, Last Block Standing and Toy Madness. It was taking over Eggysburg by turning it into a stone. It was defeated by Seventeen and Fourteen on Toy Madness and returned in Bad Doll.


It was a doll that wears a maid dress and red shoes. It also has a purple necklace, seven curly ponytails, and red lips. It has a dark power to control toys and can turn any island into stone ( as seen in Island Darkness ) when annoyed. It now wore a crown, a robe, and a phoenix-like body similar to that on Gale from Angry Birds Stella The Animated Series. It was the main antagonist along with Garbage Monster and Haze Man.


  • In Island Darkness, Square Queen named the doll Carla.
  • According to itself, it was the worst person in hell.
  • Its weaknesses include the following on every episode;
  • Garlic Bread and Octonauts Cookies ( Last Block Standing )
  • Kindness ( Toy Madness )
  • Being in Uranus for the whole week ( Bad Doll )
  • Its name was a reference to Carl Grimes for The Walking Dead.
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