Doshi was a fanmade character. She was voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the UK and Ema Tate in the US.


Doshi was born in New York, America in 2010. Greg Huang, the wife of Angela Lee, said to Pearl Sea Otter that his wife will die after she gave birth. Shellington decides to make the pup good, so he names it a Japanese name, Doshi.

Pearl, Shellington's sister bought Doshi to the kelp forest to feed her. Seven otter pups were teasing Doshi as 'weird'. At the age of 1 in 2011, Pearl gave Doshi red urchins and clams. Doshi decides that they're delicious and eat them. Pearl gave a penguin plushie to Doshi. She goes to kindergarten at the age of 3. Many otter pups made fun of Doshi, but she doesn't care.

The next day, The kindergarten teacher, Ms. Choeki, will give them red urchins. The otter pups were bored to eat, except for Doshi, which eats them quickly. The otter pups were so jealous of her that they decided to send her away. So the seven otter pups wrapped Doshi with the penguin with a piece of cloth and stretch a slingshot real hard, and throw her like a cabbage in the canopy used for pig war training in Angry Birds.

After she was thrown away, she landed on Pecos Pug's Cartridge, going to Nice and Friendly Corners. Abigail Crane saw Doshi in glee, so she sends her to Sheriff Callie's. At the age of 5 in 2012, Sheriff Callie decides to teach Doshi to be a sheriff. She learned Doshi to catch bandits, help citizens and play the ukelele. On December, 10th Thursday 2012, She was gone to search a horse, until she accidentally got a unicorn ( because of its beauty ) and named it Cookie. After that, Her parents gave her a magic lasso and a badge, making her a sheriff.

Doshi was now a sheriff when the next day, a tsunami hit Nice and Friendly Corners. When Doshi was about to be washed away, the Octonauts rescued her and brought her to the Octopod. After that, Captain Barnacles bring Doshi to the bedroom to wake her up and said, " Wake up, what's your name? ". Doshi introduced herself and she was learned to be an Octonaut by learning her how to care for fishes. Doshi was rewarded a guppy at the age of 6 in 2013. October, 15th Thursday 2013, she founded a lost harp seal baby and named it Bun, cause he is shaped like a bun. At the age of 7 in 214, she came back to Nice and Friendly Corners. Now she was an Octo-Sheriff ( half Octonaut, half sheriff. ). At the age of 9 in 2019, she met T.O.T.S and Top Wings and decided to be friends, once on behalf, a pocket of Alphablocks roamed to Nice and Friendly Corners. Doshi was grabbing the Alphablock leader in her hands. The leader tells her they're not here to murder the town. Doshi tamed them as pets. And the next day aonAugust, 19th Sunday 2019, Doshi goes for a walk with Stik, Hay, ad Punch, Doshi's older brothers. They walked until Stik tripped on something; it was a basket! Doshi and the Numberblock brothers to her home and start to investigate what does the babies came from. Numberblocks Eleven and Twelve were now Doshi's sidekicks

The next day, she went to Australia by boat. When she saw a wild cockatoo. She said to the cockatoo, " Hi, I'm Doshi Charlotte Tineta, you don't have an owner, so I'll take you home! ". Doshi named it Sunny and keep it as a pet.


She looks similar to Dashi Dog from Octonauts, except her dress is white and wears a maroon vest, a pink hat, a pink bandana, pink boots, blue jeans, and a gold sheriff badge. She wears a blue-collar and an Octonauts logo on the right boot. On her hat, she has a brown belt with a felt fir tree and an Octonauts logo.


She is kind and a sweetheart, but sometimes tomboyish and brave. She is afraid of heights. Her occupation is an authoress. She has a fast appetite and she hardly has a Chinese accent.


Asides from fanmade Octonauts character, Doshi appeared in the Doshi series.


  • The reason why she was Chinese because Greg and Angela were Chinese.
  • Despite being a mixture of Chinese and Japanese, she can't speak either Chinese or Japanese.
  • She shared some similarities to Dashi Dog since both were dachshund dogs and both were acting like a captain since Doshi acted like a sheriff queen since Sheriff Callie was not here.
  • Her Halloween costume is a pair of Persian cat ears. She colored her fur light greyish with stripes. She wears a yellow tank-top which exposes an inch of her bare midriff blue jean shorts and wears a type of glasses, similar to Milady from 44 Cats.
  • She actually loves to play card trading.
  • As her alter-ego, Super Dog, she wears a blue cape, blue boots, and a blue mask. She also wears a tool belt who popped up a robot arm, a wrench, etc.
  • Her US voice actor, Ema Tate, also voiced Twelve, Nineteen, and Twenty-One from Numberblocks.
  • In the beta version, Doshi is allergic to seaweed.
  • Doshi's friends include herself, Sheriff Callie, Deputy Peck, Toby the Cactus, George Beard, Harold Hutchins, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Alphablocks and Numberblocks, Octonauts, T.O.T.S, and Top Wing.
  • According to Mr. Krupp, Doshi baked the best cake in Doshipedia, but her weakness that she can be easily stressed, but thanks to George and Harold for letting Doshi winning the cake contest.
  • In " Saucer and the Slendermen ", Doshi not only is afraid of heights but also slendermen.
  • She has an alpaca stable that is home to her alpaca, Wooly, which is famous for her softest wool coat.
  • In " Freddy, Swift, and The Virus from Outer Space ", it is revealed that not only the guppies, Sunny, Bun, and Wooly were Doshi's pets, but she also has more on her aunt, Lashi's yard, which is Flamela the Flamingo, Peter the Peacock, Sir Quacks a Lot the Duck, Barney the Barn Owl, and Scruffy McDuff the Snoodle.
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