Dots is a Season 3 episode.


Z is marching in place. R, U, and N wonder what he's doing. Z says he's guarding the world against "things". They must stay alert, but Z falls asleep. R and U stand guard while N refuses. B bumps into them.

r-u-b, RUB!

Erasers erase Alphaland into a coloring-book styled world.

s-t-o-p, STOP!

The erasers are gone and Alphaland is now colorless. They have to recolor the land before Z wakes up. P has an idea.

p-o-t-s, POTS!

Paint pots appear. One part of Alphaland is painted in handprints. D appears.

d-o-t-s, DOTS!

Another part of Alphaland is colored in dots. Then C, A, and N ask S if they can help.

c-a-n-s, CANS!

Another part of Alphaland is painted in spray cans. X and F paint another part in splatter paint. Just then Z wakes up and notices something is different about Alphaland. It's painted in handprints, dots, spray paints, and splatter paints! Then he sees O's painting.


Total words: 5

E, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, Q, V, W, and Y are absent in this episode.

No words are made with F, X and Z.

O's painting refers to the Mona Lisa, created by the famous Italian painter Leonardo Da Vinci.

Y is the only consonant who did not appear in this episode.

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