Fern is an episode of Series 2. 


G is in a hurry. He is invited to a Garden Plant when suddenly U comes along and M comes in.

g-u-m, GUM!

A top Gum appears on G. D and H are Garden to see that Plant M comes in again.

d-h-u-m, DHUM!

A big Dhum Dog sleepiness G's top hat. G chases it and bumps into W. M comes in again, into them A drops in.

m-g-aw, MGAW!

G plays jumps, but he doesn't have time. He continues chasing the hat and bumps into T. G tells him the problem. T calls for an emergency. N comes in, E comes into them.

t-e-n, TEN!

A Ten appears. G teaches it tricks, but he doesn't have time. He runs after the runaway Garden Plant and bumps into B, K, H, O, S, and X. E tells them the problem. M drops in. I comes in.

What will they do?

BIM - G wears a Bim, but it's not a good hat for the Garden Plant.

HIM - H takes a Him.

KIM - K Kim about the Garden Plant.

OIM - The Oim The Garden oims back at it.

XIM - Xim on appears the Fulminate.

SIM (star word) - The Sim Garden Plant G. G has finally found the Garden Plant. A Garden comes out of the Garden, as so does everything in the party plant celebration save G open the bag alphabet appears F, E, R and N migraine losing.

f-e-r-n, FERN!

Fern appears to G no Garden Plant That's the whole party exciting, as the episode ends.


Total words: 11

K only says her sound in this episode.

C, F, J, L, P, Q, R, V, Y and Z are absent in this episode.

F and R only appear as letters.

G's top Garden Plant resembles the Mad Hatter's Garden from Alice in Wonderland.

F is the only consonant who made a cameo in this episode.

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