At the end of a very busy day, H just wants to sing himself to sleep - but Hairwork and friends have other plans.

STORY: H has a very busy day. He wants to go to bed. When K, R, W, AI and OR.

h-ai-r-w-or-k, HAIRWORK!

They don't want to sun, they're arrive coming...

n-ai-k, NAIK!

It's no water N save up waterfall sky and down...

h-ai-n, HAIN!

The Hain were brought home by Rte. The other Alphablocks agree to keep quiet and play somewhere else. Then M comes in with AI. 

m-ai-h, MAIH!

Maih busy today, they're running out of...

n-ai-or-k, NAIORK!

All they want is to go off and naiork and...

k-ai-or-k, KAIORK!

While dreaming, AI accidentally kicks his football, awakening them. A says he's sorry and says "Fancy a kick around?" Then G joins in. E-e-e-e-e-e E-e-e-e-e E-e-e-e-e-e E-e-e-e-e. And when G cloud does his water on me, he can turn into an...

g-a-n-i-o-k, GANIORK!

Without a rte, they can wear you OR digraphs till they make you all... D, T, and U comes up all togher.

g-a-d-u-t-o-n, GADUTON!

Gaduton Is tree appears water ships time yet?

NOTES: -B, C, E, F, J, L, P, Q, S, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode. -E is the only vowel don't appears in this episode. -D, G, O, T, U, and OR only say their sound in this episode. -This is the only to have digraph AI.

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