Hat is an episode of Series 3. 


T is in a hurry. He is invited to a tea party, when suddenly H comes along and A drops in.

h-a-t, HAT!

A top hat appears on T. F and N are delighted to see that hat. A drops in again.

f-a-n, FAN!

A big fan blows away T's top hat. T chases it and bumps into B. A drops in again.

b-a-t, BAT!

T plays cricket, but he doesn't have time. He continues chasing the hat and bumps into E. T tells him the problem. E calls for an emergency. P pops in.

p-e-t, PET!

A dog appears. T teaches it tricks, but he doesn't have time. He runs after the runaway hat and bumps into R, N, C, Z, and Y. T tells them the problem. A drops in. P pops in.

What will they do?

CAP - T wears a cap, but it's not a good hat for the tea party.

NAP - T takes a nap.

RAP - T raps about the hat.

YAP - The dog barks. The hat yaps back at it.

ZAP - Lightning appears.

TAP (star word) - The hat taps T. T has finally found the hat. A tap comes out of the hat, as so does everything in the party.

NOTES: -Total words: 7 (tv version), 10 (game version). -R only says her sound in this episode. -I, J, K, L, M, O, Q, U, V, W and X are absent in this episode. -T's top hat resembles the Mad Hatter's hat from Alice in Wonderland. S L & M not is LAP MAP and SAP

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