K kicks a ball

C comes

K what is that

H O U S and E comes

H-OU-S-E HOUSE A house appears

G comes

G-O-S GOS a gos appears

I comes

S-I-CK SICK A sick was very sick

F and S comes

F-I-B-S FIBS A fibs falls off

D-I-SH DISH A dish to that

I-N IN A in a few more

P-OO-L POOL A pool jumps splash with

T-R-A-M-P-O-L-I-N-E TRAMPOLINE a trampoline jump high with

B-E-LL BELL A bell appears

M-A-S MAS A mas end of a party


J Q V W X Y and Z not is episode

H G and I not is sound

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