U And M were talking about food when P popped in their conversation!

P: How was your popping particular party !

U: UGHHH I AM BORED! M eat my glasses!

T, H and Y came along when M was munching U’s glasses!

H-U-M-P-T-Y humpty

D came along.

*rhythm starts* D-U-M-P-T-Y dumpty

HUMPTY DUMPTY sat on the wall cracks his head.

M eats HUMPTY DUMPTY while P and U tries to stop him!

M, U, P finds J and S playing I can FlYYYY!

J-U-M-P-S jumps

J, U, M, P , and S flew away!

S:P tell the other favourite crew and fellows to hold on because we can fly remember!

P: ok *grabs m and u and j*

M: Marvelous, we are in ABC Colloction! Wait why do I sound like a girl? U?

U: ughhh! M this is All your fault!

R: Helllllllo! mates are lost!!

F: Funrtastic!

C: come on, N!!


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