When I finds some invisible ink, she plays all kinds of incredible tricks on the other Alphablocks, but soon wishes she hadn't! This episode has fun with the '-nk-' consonant cluster and the words ink, sink, stink, think, pink, shrink, drink and big.

STORY: I approaches N and K. She shouts, "It is I!", startling them. K kicks his football too high, and it bumps into each one's heads.

i-n-k, INK!

A bottle of ink appears. The ink appears to be invisible. They step in the ink and turn invisible! Meanwhile, D, O, LL, and S are playing with dolls. S holds hands with the invisible I, N, and K.

s-i-n-k, SINK!

D, O, LL, and S find themselves in a sink. S has been washed. Then, T plays tea with Doll T. S flys and tells T something strange is happening.

s-t-i-n-k, STINK!

Everything starts to smell! H runs and sticks with T.

th-i-n-k, THINK!

Think, think, think... TH sees a knocked-down bottle of invisible ink. P pops in the puddle and becomes invisible. S sends for the others. T and H become invisible, too. P pops next to I, N, and K.

p-i-n-k, PINK!

I, N, and K turn pink! P pops away, while invisible SH and R arrive.

sh-r-i-n-k, SHRINK!

I, N, and K shrink! They run away. They bump into Doll D and Doll R.

d-r-i-n-k, DRINK!

They take a drink. I, N, and K get their colors back. Then I holds hands with Doll B and Doll G.

b-i-g, BIG!

I, N, and K grow back to normal, but the dolls become too big!

NOTES: -Total words: 8. - A, C, E, F, J, M, Q, U, V, W ,X ,Y and Z are absent in this episode. R stays invisible through the whole episode. -B and G stay invisible until the become visible at the end of the episode. -H (single) and SH, only say their sound in this episode. -K only has two solo lines in this episode, other than his sound. They both have the one same word: "Okay.". -BIG is the only word in this episode that doesn't end in the blend "nk".

F & M not is episode fink and mink.


L: (Sighs)

L: Look. Little L is lying down.

D: Do something.

O: Silence! I Kill you!

S: Small S will save you, Little L.

D and R: How about a nice cold...

d-r-i-n-k, DRINK!

D: Delicious.

R: Refreshing.

I: Incredible.

N: Nice.

K: Okay.

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