I runs all away

A and G comes

I hurts A pain

R H B F S L M T and W comes

How to get island

WAG wag your tail I screams dogs runs

BAG A bag I in is bags Drop I into a water

HAG I is A witch I Fly a hag

RAG a rag sweeping I is not island

MAG M magnetic field I magnetic from a fan

LAG L Lie to M I jumps it

FAG A fag floats atoms in a few more I can show it

SAG Something sags inflate and a baloon

TAG (star word) T A and G play tag with I

V comes

V-A-T VAT A vat slops is a vat

O C and K comes

S-O-CK SOCK a sock smells stinky

U and E comes

H-OU-S-E HOUSE A house crash to I

D comes

D-U-G DUG A dug digs out I D U and G dugs in

B-O-G BOG B O and G stuck to a bog

M eats food soon


J N P Q V X Y and Z not is episode

H G F S B And W not is sound

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