Island Darkness was an episode of NB.


When a rival arrived in Eggysburg, it turns the island miserable. Will Seventeen and The Grammath will save the island?


The episode starts with a peaceful island known as Eggysburg. Numberblocks were playing in the greenish grass. Suddenly, a ball from Talking Tom Superheroes popped into the door of the palace. The square guards notice it and bought it to the Square Queen. She opened the ball revealing a tiny, arguing doll. Square Queen will notice who will be so cruel to a harmless doll. She names the doll Carla and used it as the assistant of The Cursed Square Palace.

Meanwhile, Carla is bored with being a maid and decided to go to the underground. It sees a violet diamond and decides to take it.

Back at Eggysburg, a theme song Hula Hoop was played and the citizens were dancing. Today is the dancing show on Sunday, 16th January 2020. Carla was absorbing the violet diamond, giving her superpowers. Now she is the phoenix queen and started to fire Square Queen. The square guards said that Carla is a kid. It gets annoyed and starts turning the island into a miserable place.

Because of the bad situation, the show was canceled. Carla gloats on the destroyed island and starts to sing a song;

Ha ha ha,
We're the dolls that strike!
He he hee!
We love sad people and bad personalities!
Ho ho hoo!

The episode continued on Last Block Standing.


  • Hula Hoop is a song written by OMI.
  • Carla's gloats were similar to Mr. Nezzer's gloats in VeggieTales.
  • This was the second appearance of the Octonauts. The first one being Peso's First Flight.
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