Leopard is an episode of Series 3. 


It's L's birthday, and P has poping gotten him a present, but she isn't sure what it is. She sticks with E and A, forming trigraph EA. N comes by.

n-ea-p, NEAP!

A funeap appears. L starts at the ferris wheel, but doesn't find anything to sit on.

h-ea, HEA!

L sits in and the ride goes. D comes in.

h-ea-d, HEAD!

L splits in two as the ride continues. Next he comes to the Slide-by-Side. After a few times going up and down, he gets dizzy. Trigraph SH makes sure he gets better.

m-e-sh, MESH!

L feels better. Next he goes to the hall of mirrors. L goes to the first mirror.

p-o-n, PON!

In the first mirror, L's reflection is big.

p-o-nn-i-e, PONNIE!

L's reflection grows ponnie. He goes to the second mirror.

sh-oa, SHOA!

L's reflection in the second mirror is SHOA,

r-e-ss-a-m, RESSAM!

L's reflection grows ressam. L goes to the third mirror. I drops in between F and T.

f-i-t, FIT!

F grows an Fit.

d-i-t, DIT!

D hears distant voices.

It's G and Z singing Happy Birthday.

m-i-t, MIT!

G and Z come near singing Happy Birthday to L.

g-i-z, GIZ!

A giz appears. L opens it and finds an inanimate miniature verison of him the springs out like a jack-in-a-box.


  • Total words: 12
  • B, C, J, K, Q, U, V, W, X and Y are absent in this episode.
  • D, F, G, M, O, R, S, Z, EA, OA, NN, SH and SS only say their sound in this episode.
    • E, F, G, M, O, R, S, Z OA, SH and SS are the only ones who say their sound outside of word magic.
  • S have no solo lines in this episode.
  • O stays stuck with A throughout the episode as digraph OA.
    • Since OA's sound stays sounding like "O" (unvoiced), then it's possible that only one voice (maybe A) says it.
  • This episode marks the only appearances of digraphs EA, OA and SH, and trigraph SS.
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