Little Lamb is an episode of Series 3. 


H, K, L and R are at game, playing Duck Duck Goose and each pretending to be a different type of animal. Just then, a new boys and her brother appear. L you name the D and invites her to join in the Duck Duck Goose game. 

d-o-l, DOL!

Inside the dolroom, R introduces the new boys as D. She R calls B, F, G, H, K, L, O, R, T and W also shows the dilroom something new R when surprise is Little Lamb. 

g-r-o-l, GROL!

G, R, O and L ride lion back to M while S doubles up.

m-o-ss, MOSS!

The Moss noise blasts O, SS and DD to H. K pops to them.

k-o-d-o-ss-o-dd, KODOSSODD!

The little Lamb carries them to Y.

y-o-d-k, YODK!

A Yodk causes R to jump high and land between F and G.

g-o-f, GOF!

A Gof fills the tower of with tea cup. It was a integrates trick. When T takes out a cup, the Bye Bye Little Lamb.


  • This episode marks the only speaking role of Brother D.
  • A, C, E, I, J, N, P, Q, U, V, X and Z are absent in this episode
  • Little Lamb also makes the same R sound effect from "Lion" and.
  • D has made his only other appearance in the episode Din.
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