Luge is an episode of Series 6. 


O going on a rope and leaves off, and left’s it behind. A and B see the luge. G sees it also and jumps the rope. B wants to go next, but all three bag together. They say A's name, which confuses B. G thinks only she can say her name. M comes by and then splits in two.

m-a-b, MAB!

The rope becomes a Mab. F and R come and wonder what they're doing up there. The first A falls down and F and R grab him.

f-ar, FAR!

They bounce on a net below them. The second B then falls.

b-ar-f, BARF!

The setting is now a circus tent. B, A, G want to get down.

b-a-g, BAG!

The rope comes high above D, H, I, N, S, and W, who have come to rescue them.

What will they do? 

DAG - A light shines on B, A and G causing them to fall down, and lightly float back up on the rope.

HAG - H says he might has a marvelous idea. But he can't think of one.

NAG - It gets dark and N wonders who turns up the emo.

SAG - S wears funny Ivoire.

WAG (star word) - W, A and G follow a green arrow pointing right and come down the ladder. B calls for a round of applause, and then a grand finale.

b-a-g-s, BAGS!

Bags's letter floats behind them, shouting "EEE!" and finish them. They all laugh afterwards.


  • Total words: 5 (TV version) 10 (game version)
  • C, E, J, K, L, P, Q, T, U, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • O only says her sound in this episode. 
  • D only say their sound in the TV version. 
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