M A D & E eats food

T comes

M-A-D-E MADE A made appears

H comes H-A-M-E HAME A what a shame

I comes H-I-M-E-T HIMET A himet appears

G comes G-A-M GAM A gam appears of the tap

P comes P-IE-M-A-T-E PIEMATE A piemate appears

L comes L-I-M-E-H-A-P-D LIAMHAPD A limehapd appears

R come AR-T ART A art appears

F & S comes F-I-S FIS dosnt work

S-L-I-M SLIM S slimed us

S-L-I-M-E SLIME A slime appears

M eats food


B C J K N O Q U V W X Y & Z not this episode

H I G L & P not is sound

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