E echoing

A and T look thirsity drink

H comes

H-A-T HAT A hat appears

E spells different types and hat

H-A-T-E HATE A hate of a hat

G I W O R and B picks for plums

W-I-G WIG A wig appears

A and T is a

G-A-T-E GATE A gate appears

R-O-B ROB A B E G H I O R And W geted robed

X comes

F-I-X FIX A fix appears

S-I-X SIX A six Rob's

R-O-B-E ROBE A robe cut the roof


Doesn't work

H-E-L-P HELP M helps us out

Magical E


C D J K N Q T U V Y and Z not is episode

H G I not is sound

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