Major Crum is a character in crossover Alphablocks and Wallace And Gromit's Grand Adventures.

He wears blue trousers, a white shirt, a red tie, a blue jacket, black shoes, Gromit's dog tags and a hive lid (helmet).

Alphablocks Alternate Ending Episodes

"Wish" (B, U and G race him to the top of the blue flower)

"Hat" (wears T's top hat instead of his helmet)

"Thing" (gets out Big Betty, the gun)

"Song" (joins in with the song, Everybody Needs A Song To Sing)

"Train" (is the captain of the ship from the transformation of the train)

"Beep" (joins in juggling with Beep)

"Hey" (joins in singing with the Alphablocks)

"How Now, Brown Cow?" (chases after Brown Cow)

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