In this episode, A plays hide and male with A.

STORY: A plays hide-and-male with his brother, A. A runs away, while M, L, and E magic chase him.

m-a-l-e, MALE!

They hide under a rock. A cannot find him, until he needs help by doubling up. B and R join in. They close their eyes and count to 8.

m-a-l-e, MALE!

M, A, L, and Magic E hide again.

b-a-r-a, BARA!

B, A, R, and A start seeking. Meanwhile, N wonders where everybody is. A, L, and Magic E scare him.

n-a-l-e, NALE!

N, A, L, and Magic E grow wide, while B, A, R, and A keep seeking. A, L, and Magic E grow back to normal while G joins in.

g-a-l-e, GALE!

N rides on G, A, L, and Magic E in a horse costume. B spots T from the sky. T coming next to A and A.

t-a-b-a, TABA!

They taba at B, A, R, and A. Gale-a-bara!

NOTES: This is the first time Magic A does magic on E. -G only says her sound in this episode.

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