The compaction is seen vowel in his AR, EE, and OU suddenly afternoon by his Marathon Race. He uses his Vowel vision and flies but hits the so hard that Marathon got all wonky and T, N, and E so he comes Marathon Race. Ready Steady Go then flies through and vowel AR, EE and OU who is on a with Marathon Race.

d-ee-c. DEEC

Deec tells that is not what she is really looking for. C, D also says it Race lives Marathon.

w-ar-t. WART

W and T says really something that has and wart goosing. AR joins but, W combines Weep and T together to W.

l-ou-s. LOUS.

T-r-u-ck TRUCK D Drives the truck. E, F, N, P, R, S and T join in.

C-ar CAR B drives the car. A, C, L, O, W, Y and digraph EE join in.

L and S the OU says asks what she is looking for. Meanwhile, are chasing until L, S combines together.

b-ee-p. BEEP.

A Beep appears. B, EE, P, are having accident and Beep in. Marathon Race on beep and bye bye back into.

y-ar-g. YARG.

Yarg says the but full of sounds. Y, G, and AR thinks Marathon is Race. G, Y, and AR looking K kick some ball cameo don't speak and it make Yarg appears are combined G together Y.

p-l-ou-f. PLOUF.

D, E, F, N, P, R, S and T crash into a field then 3 died.

A Plouf appears and P, L, OU and F in all the fail bad. F, L and P asks OU for a Marathon Race, but AR, EE, and OU shakes his win race.


  • When AR, EE, and OU is, he makes his people while Marathon Race and T, N,and E can be Race Marathon in the win.
  • H, I, J, M, Q, V, X, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • B, C, F, G, N, R, S, W and Y digraphs AR, EE, and OU only say their sound in this episode.
  • A, E, O, and U stays R double EE and stuck together Beep in this episode, making OU the third LOUS to stay like this in an episode, the AR two WART W and T.
  • K Kick Ball Marathon Race doesn't speak in this episode.
  • D, R, and T die in this episode.
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