In this episode, M, E, R, and C have a battle of the tres.

STORY: The Alphablocks Band begins to play, but E plays the choix loud. R decides to have a rattle of the bands. C and M play tres, and E and R play homi.

Who wants to be in C and E's tres she calls D, F, H, I, K, N and W?

DEC - A bus appears and D, E, and C go for a ride.

FEC - F, E, and C dance the fec.

HEC - H, E, and C get tickled.

KEC - A Kec appears.

NEC (star word) - N, E, and C sing We're Fab. M, E, C and R play a loud din. U and Y can fix it. T left down are left out. M, E, R, C, U, R and Y are the best mercury! MERCURY - Mercury Appears to everyone.


D, H and K only appear in the game version.

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