Milk is an episode of Series 7. 


M is happy. I wonders what happens to him, K and L comes up.

m-i-l-k, MILK!

A milk appears white bottle change in small C comes up.

c-i-k, CIK!

A cik appears, with gorilla looking G serve comes chef change.

g-i-l, GIL!

Gil on is going up and slime rte 7 go milk.

l-i-g, LIG!

A Lig appears milk on wing on by. After calls F, H, L, P, S and V. T comes up and something I.

What they do

FIT - Fit appears F, I and T going up and going down.

HIT - A hit appears.

LIT - A lit on demimonde asks you dad.

PIT - A Pit eat P taste on you previous.

SIT - A sit appears chair.

VIT (star word) - Vit appears on growing up flower. F, I, and T comes up along D, and N comes up.


  • Total words: 6 (TV version), 10 (game version)
  • A, B, E, J, O, Q, R, U, W, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • D and N have no solo lines in this episode.
  • S only says her sound as her solo line.
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