Mind Weather is an episode of NB. This episode is the debut of NFG City.


Numberblocks Thirty and Fifty was out of the mood control and cause chaos on NFG City. Will Ninety cheer them up?


The episode starts at The Giant Club Bubbies. Thirty and Twenty were eating the Tumbleberries, but Twenty ate them all. That makes Thirty mad. She shouts as a lion and thunder came to NFG City. Quwyatt saw it coming, so he ask the other guys to watch out for the lightning or they'll end up like Twelve. The Numberfanagram hides at the bus stop. Fifty tries to calm down Thirty by patting her shoulder. Forty rides on his scooter with wheels and accidentally broke her gold guitar. Fifty then cries like a baby and rain pours NFG City, causing a flood.

Ninety called Thirty and Fifty to control and gave Thirty more Tumbleberries to eat and Fifty a new guitar. Twenty heard someone knocking at the door: It was the NFGs, all wet after the flood, Lucy and Lizzy got black after the lightning. Twenty stares at the screen looking bland, ending the episode.


  • This episode teaches you to control your emotions
  • It was the debut of NFG City.
  • The lightning was from Who's Twelve.
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