In this episode, N, O, T, and E make music, and S makes more, and more of it.

S sits on a hill and sees Magic E walking by. S follows him. T expected N and O if they want tea but no one wants some. They and Magic E hold hands.

n-o-t-(e) NOTE!

A note appears in the sky and S wonders what is it. T says it's a note. E says it makes music. O touches the note and makes a sound.

n-o-t-(e)-s, NOTES!

More notes appear. They all like the music.

t-e-n, TEN!

Ten notes appear, and T counts them. The notes make nice music while they all skip.

t-e-n-s, TENS!

Many more notes appear. All the notes play Flight of The Bumblebee and they all hate the noise. T tells S to make it stop and N shouts, "Now what?!".

What will they do?

ONE - All the notes grow into one big note, but it still makes a loud noise!

NOT - N attempts not to help, but O, T, E, and S still try to catch the notes.

TEN - Ten more notes appear and the noise is louder.

SET - S, E and T drink sets of tea, but the teacups knock the notes down and the noise is deeper.

TOE - A foot stomps on its toe. The notes turn red and the noise is faster.

NET (star word) - A net appears from nowhere in O's hand. O catches the notes.

Unusual words:


n-e-t-s, NETS!

More nets appear and they all catch the notes.

At night, they all get tired. L then appears on the screen and likes the music.

l-o-t-s, LOTS!

They make more notes and the sky and notes change appearance. L, E, O and N start to dance. S tells them to stop. T says it's tea time.


All the notes except one disappear.


Total words: 8 (TV version), 12 (game version)

This is the only episode where Magic E appears in a plural S word.

Digraph OE also appears in Home. In this episode, digraph OE only appears in the game version.

A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, J, K, M, P, Q, R, U, V, W, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode.

L, O and T only says her sound in this episode.

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