O is the 15th letter in the Alphablock gang.

O is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth In UK And Ethan Kempner In the movie.

Appearance Edit

He is an orange stripy block. His eyes are nearly always widened. He has no nose. He does not speak.

Personality Edit

O is mostly mute, only communicating with his "o" sound, but he is very curious and loves to investigate things with his trusty magnifying glass. He can only say "o" and "ō"; but that doesn't stop him from seeing stuff from his O-shaped magnifying glass. O is the only orange Alphablock. 

Trivia Edit

  • O is the only Alphablock who only says his sound, long or short, and his name, in every episode he appears in.
  • He is also the only nose-less Alphablock.
  • There are some episodes where Alphablocks only say their sound like O.
    • Some of them have Alphablocks who don't speak or have no solo lines when they're outside of word magic.
    • Some others have Alphablocks only saying their sounds as their solo line.
    • Some others have Alphablocks saying their sound when they're not in a word.
  • There are some episodes where O doesn't speak when he's outside of word magic (ex. Sleep.)
  • He's the only Alphablock who communicates in another language.
  • It's unknown if there'll be an episode where O can finally speak English.

Counterparts Edit

  • Little Miss Curious (Mr. Men) - Both are orange and curious.
  • Beaker (Occasionally on Muppet Babies) Both are orange and can only say one thing.
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