These were some episodes User:SheriffDoshi made by her ideas for Octonauts Season 6!

1.The Octonauts and the Harp Seals

The Octonauts must take a harp seal pup when it was stranded in Falklands Island.

2. The Octonauts and the Great Yeti Search

When the Octonaut crew was taken by a furry monster, only Kwazii could save the day.

3. The Octonauts and the Guppy

The Octonauts must rescue some guppies from predators.

4. The Octonauts and the Axolotl

The Octonauts must save an axolotl who was about to be eaten by poachers.

5. The Octonauts and the Mola Mola

Peso discovered an ocean sunfish.

6. The Octonauts and the Seaduck

The Octonauts must find a seaduck named Samuel who was being sucked by a whirlpool.

7. The Octonauts and the Lost City of Atlantis

Shellington discovered the lost city of Atlantis being invaded by alien narwhals, but will Shellington and the Octonauts stop them?

8. The Octonauts and the Lampreys

Will Peso overcome his fears when it comes to an injured lamprey named Larry?

9. The Octonauts and the European Eels

The Octonauts discovered Bianca's speedy friend, Erica the European eel and the European eel gang who was going to be endangered, due to land reclamation, but will Bianca and the Octonauts decrease reclamation and lower massive endangers of the European eels?

10. The Octonauts and the Pandas

The Octonauts and Min the Mapmaker discovered pandas that were starved due to losses of bamboo, a tall tree-like plant that pandas feed on, but will the Octonauts find a bamboo-cutter on the clue?

11. The Octonauts and the Open Ocean Adventure

Dashi's older cousin, Ava, told the Octonauts to find her cousin, Nuku the southern bluefin tuna, in the open ocean.

12. The Octonauts and the Cauliflower Jellyfish

Tweak and Sandy met Colly the Cauliflower Jellyfish.

13. The Octonauts and the King Penguin

When Captain Barnacles is about to get sucked by a tornado, a king penguin named Darachnid ( Not to be confused with Darach Blainley ) saved him. Later, a gull snatched Melisa, Darachnid's wife's egg, but will the Octonauts get the egg?


The Octonauts and the Fang Tooth

Today was Halloween, and the Octonauts celebrate and collect candy when a mysterious fangtooth named Bram, Boo's older friend merges to spook everyone to steal their candies. Will Boo the Spookfish and the Octonauts stop Bram for scaring people in Halloween?

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