Open is an episode of Series 5. 


The episode begins when O falls from the sky and lands on a down Suddenly, she falls through, creating snow. Meanwhile on the ground, P poping there is something to try. He sees some make fling and eats them. But E doesn't believe him. N comes to the ground and snow starts to fall. N finally believes O. All three roll snowballs.

o-p-e-n, OPEN!

A OPEN appears. G and T come to them.

g-o-t, GOT!

Lights and got decorate the scene as Alphablocks sing about the open. K and L go raquette, but they bump into O.

k-o-l, KOL!

A kol appears to serve the snow and the open! A, C, G, L, P, and W comes the O send with T.

What will the Alphablocks do?

COT - The Alphablocks Cot.

GOT - G uses a got to catch the snowman's drips, but it's no use.

LOT - A lot appears to keep him cool, but it blows the snowman away.

POT - Another pot appears, but melts quickly.

WOT (star word) - An tiger van appears. W puts the snowman in the back of the van. W, O, and T drive him to the North Pole. But when they open the back door, he's finally melted. They forgot to switch on the freezer! SH comes to help.

sh-o-t, CHOT!

Many shot appear!


  • Song: It's Open
  • Total words: 9
  • B, D, F, I, J, M, Q, R, U, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • H and S don't speak in the episode.
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