When I becomes a police, she starts making rules, but goes abuse on U and others, using Alphablocks to help her arrest U. Soon U has to use the Alphablocks to save himself.


I attempts to sing but soon hears "nee-noo" noises. U runs past her but I touches U, with I saying that she can catch him. N ragequits upon being blocked by I. W enters, explaining what the heck W, U, and N are doing. I says it's against the rules. So they start to complain. A drops in, I saying that merging is also against the rules. L comes in and tells the "lovely letters" to hold hands, but is interrupted by I, who says "no". Whatever. They hold hands.

l-aw, LAW!

AW has a siren and I becomes a cop. L asks what's a law. I explains. Then she places a "Keep off the grass!" sign. I arrests U, but N says that he's not even on grass. I bumps him.

l-aw-n, LAWN!

Now U's On the grass. I arrests U in the name of the "lawn", U runs away while I and AW give chase.

Next sign: "No pets!". P says that he doesn't have any pets. I summons for AW.

p-aw, PAW!

it's just a paw and not a pet, I arrests U again in the name of the "paw.” she ment law and they start to chase U again.

“No bouncy balls, no showers on the stairs, no pretending to be police!". U laughs because he doesn't have bouncy balls, stairs, and isn't even pretending to be a police. D and R drop in.

d-r-aw, DRAW!

The pencil draws a ball, stairs, and a bucket. The pencil then smacks U with the eraser before disappearing. Now thanks to I U's violating these rules (unfairly). W unplugs from A and U lands, forming AU.

I attempts to announce that she's going to arrest AU in the name of the pineapples!" P interrupts I and gives pineapples as gifts for pals I places another sign which says Nothing Begins With P and P becomes a Capital Letter.

P-au-l, PAUL!

I gains a nametag with "Paul". I arrests herself, but she unarrests herself soon when she throws the nametag away.

I: “No Unicorns! No Jelly Monsters! No Ghosts!”

h-au-n-t, HAUNT!

I becomes a ghost and arrests herself, even though N mentions there’s no such thing as ghosts. Then the cardboard ghost mask falls off of her. Again, I unarrests herself. H and N joins the chase after AU

I: “No Hills! No Sky! No Astronauts!”

l-au-n-ch, LAUNCH!

I is launched. I arrests herself again. I comes back down, no longer a police officer. I suggests to play cops and robbers and now U is the cop. Everyone goes, "nee-noo! nee-noo!"

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