Penguin is an episode of Series 2. 


P is being poping chased by E, U, I and G bumps into and N.

p-e-n-g-u-i-n, PENGUIN!

Suddenly, the ground shakes. "Iet, did you hear that?" asks P. N doesn't understand. G sticks with him and says, "I said Penguin-sleep! Did you hear that?" I thinks It is something big. E thinks it's utterly enormous. U thinks it's... tiny, when they see a red It. Then It says N's sound. P asks it to stop. G agrees and sticks with N again. U and P leave and the other Alphablocks come.

p-e-k-u, PEKU!

Suddenly, It becomes a Pig and starts to Peku.

n-e-u-b, NEUB!

It becomes a parrot and starts to squawk.

y-e-u-b, YEUB!

It turns into a Rived and starts to Yeub. When B, E, U and Y come without, E, N and Z finds It annoying. Then D gets comes to hold It, and tries a word without E...

d-i-n-z, DINZ!

It doesn't work. D, I and Z decides to stick with N.

n-i-z, NIZ!

It goes P, E, N, G, U, I, Z, D and K back to its normal form and goes to sleep.


B, D, K, Y and Z only say their sound in this episode.

D, G, Y and Z have no solo lines in this episode.

When D and N return, Z is still with U, Y, and E. She is gone for the rest of the video.

A, C, F, H, J, L, M, O, Q, R, S, T, V, W and X are absent in this episode.

This is the first episode to feature Z.

The nonsense word DINZ is short for University Institute of Engineering and Technology.

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