Peso's First Flight is a featured episode on Animal Friends.


Peso wishes to fly just like Freddy the Flamingo, but he can't. Eighteen made a rocket but ended up in outer space. P, F, and S teach him to fly. Will Peso wins to victory on the Flying Contest?


On Antarctica, Freddy and Pip were busy taking the baby Weddel seal. Peso walks and saw Freddy in a distance. Peso also saw The Buffycats on the helicopter and Nineteen shaped like an air balloon. He tried to flap his wings but can't. He cried. Eighteen hear him. Eighteen pat his shoulders, but Peso wants to fly like a bird in the sky. Eighteen got an idea and said he could build a rocket, but Peso said what if he goes to space. Eighteen laughed that he thinks Peso was joking. The song begins.

Peso saw eighteen building a rocket. He put on his rope and flew away. Poor Peso was on outer space and Eighteen was worried that Peso was right. P, F, and S were having fun with flying in Saturn's Rings and saw Peso on a rocket. P, F, and S helped him get back to Earth. P said that first, he flaps his wings hard. Peso tried with leaping and he made it with flapping his wings and fly. It was the Flying Contest. It was The Animalz vs. the Broodals. CupaCupa came as the son of Madame Broode. The contest begins. OchDec flew higher to the finish line but CupaCupa got her. Hariet caught OchDec. Peso was sad to see OchDec going to lose. He leaps higher, flaps his wings and flies to the finish line. Peso wins!


Pip: Hello, Peso!

Peso: Hello, Pip!

Pip: I'm busy, bye!

Peso: Wow! He is riding on Freddy!

I want to fly, too!

Milady the cat: Hi, Peso!

Nineteen: Good to see you, Punchy!

Peso: I really want to fly!

( Peso flapped his wings but he fell into the ground instead. )

Peso: * crying *

( Eighteen walked to Peso. )

Eighteen: It's okay to not fly!

Peso: Yeah but, I want to fly like a bird in the sky!

Eighteen: Let me build you a rocket!

Peso: But what if I flew up to outer space?

Eighteen: * laughing * You are joking!

Peso: * sigh * Fine!

( Music starts, Peso is playing the pots as drums. Dong dong dong, ding!!! Bang bang. I played the trumpet. Toot toot!!! )

A and B: Penguins can fly, Penguins can fly,

Penguins like me stay on the ground!

C: Penguins can fly, Penguins can fly!

Make some imaginary sound!

Twelve: Like something that's impossible,

like a cactus in a prickly sky,

Try it as you may can't die,

flap your wings to fly high, HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I and G: Penguins can fly, Penguins can fly,

Penguins like me stay on the ground!

Penguins can fly, Penguins can fly,

Make some imaginary sound!

( Song ends. Peso seeing Eighteen done making a rocket. )

Eighteen: The rocket is done!

( Peso puts a rope around him. Blast Off! Peso flies high in the sky. )


Eighteen: He never comes back again, wait, HE WILL GO TO SPACE?!? Peso's right!

( Peso ended up in space. He sees Kevin on The Rockhopper with Fidgel. Kevin faints to see him on the space. Later, P, F, and S were playing on Saturn's Ring. )

P: This is fun!

Peso: Help! Help!!

S: Did somebody said help?

F: I see Peso on the rocket!

P: Let's save him!

( P, F, and S put Peso on the rocket back on the ground. )

Peso: Thank You!

F: You're welcome!

Peso: * sigh * I want to fly up in the sky!

P: We'll teach you how to fly!

( Background switched to The Gamespod. P, F, S, and Peso were practicing flying. )

P: First, flap your wings!

Peso: * flap! flap! * I can't! Let's try leaping and flapping.

( Peso leap and flapped his wings. He can fly! )

Peso: I can't believe it! I CAN FLY!!!

P: Brilliant! You can fly as real birds do! Oh no, it's the flying contest! Let's go!

( Background switches to The Flying Contest. OchDec and Peso were on the left. Hariet was in the right. CupaCupa was coming beside Hariet. )

CupaCupa: Well, well, well!

Peso: You are no match for me!

OchDec: Well, if you lose, the token will be ours!

Hariet: Let's see!

Penguin Coach: ...And go!

( OchDec was flying with her arrays display. CupaCupa spins his ears, Hariet grabbed him in the leg. He was behind OchDec. CupaCupa take OchDec! )

Peso: Oh no, this isn't easy! Wait?

  • P: * in mind * Brilliant, You can fly as real birds do! Birds do! Birds do!

( Peso leaped into the air, surprising the bleaches, flap his wings and fly! )

CupaCupa: Oh no!

( Peso ripped the ribbon, making him win. )

Penguin Coach: And Peso wins! ... An Octonaut Token!

Peso: Yay!!!


  • This is the first appearance of The Octonauts.
  • This is the first appearance of CupaCupa
  • There was a video about a flying penguin hoax made by BBC.
  • In reality, penguins don't fly through the air but in the water
  • When Peso wins, he faces through the screen much like a GoPro


  • When Peso was flying, He flapped his wings like a hummingbird.
  • If you look closely, The Penguin Coach is drinking a slushie.
  • The octopus on Octonaut token that The Penguin Coach was given was slightly upside-down but only in the storyboard.
  • When Peso was remembering his mind, the scene turned brown. Afer Peso knows this, the screen turned normal.
  • When Kwazii was eating popcorn, his tail was on his lap.
  • Lucy's tail has been looked like it's squishing when she watched and her tail wagged when she cheered.
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