Q is the 17th letter in the Alphablock gang.

Q is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth.

Appearance Edit

She is a bright green block with wrinkles and purple hair.

Biography Edit

Q needs U to say her sound. Without him, Q would say "ack" instead of "quack".

Trivia Edit

  • Q is the third of the 4 green characters.
  • In the first season, the tail on Q's letter is vertically straight. In Seasons 2-4, the tail is a hook-tail (ɋ).
  • Quick is the only episode where Q has much dialogue when her letter has a hook-tail.
    • However, in ABC, she only says her name.
  • Card is the only episode where Q appears without U.
  • Race is the only episode where Q says her sound loudly without U.
  • Birthday Girl is Q's only appearance of Season 4 and last one of the series.
  • Q appears in 9 episodes of the series. She is the Alphablock who appears in the least amount of episodes due to her being a less-frequent.
  • friend: U, I, Z, E, T, P (possibly) everyone else
  • enemies: U (one side U side)
  • She is like Pinkie Pie from my little pony (both silly)