Q is the 17th letter in the Alphablock gang.

Q is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth in the UK.

Birthday: April 7, 1944

Age: 65

Gender: Female

Personality: Silly

Colour: Green with purple hair Ninety One

Real Name: Qooey

Nicknames: Q

Family: Nobody

Friends: Other Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Numberjacks, Plusman, The Ehh Guy, The YOU! Guy, Big Yeti (Formerly)

Enemies: Wiper, Kim, Jane, Joyce, The Ehh Guy (Formerly), The YOU! Guy (Formerly) , Santa, Killer Robots, Evil Alien, Vikings, Zombies, Big Yeti, Naughty Cats

Rank: Queen

Q Likes

  1. Other Alphablocks
  2. Numberblocks
  3. Numberjacks
  4. Plusman
  5. The Ehh Guy
  6. The YOU! Guy
  7. Big Yeti (Formerly)
  8. Pizza
  9. Cron Flakes

Q Hates

  1. Wiper
  2. Kim
  3. Jane
  4. Joyce
  5. The Ehh Guy (Formerly)
  6. The YOU! Guy (Formerly)
  7. Santa
  8. Killer Robots
  9. Evil Alien
  10. Vikings
  11. Zombies
  12. Big Yeti
  13. Naughty Cats
  14. Chirstmas


Q is the female alphablock with a lime body with two eyes and a neon blue hair.

Best Friend


Q needs U to say her sound. Without him, Q would say

"ack" instead of "quack".


  • Q is the third of the 4 green characters.
  • In the first season, the tail on Q's letter is vertically straight. In Seasons 2-4, the tail is a hook-tail (ɋ).
  • Quick is the only episode where Q has much dialogue when her letter has a hook-tail.
    • However, in ABC, she only says her name.
  • Card is the only episode where Q appears without U.
  • Race is the only episode where Q says her sound loudly without U.
  • Birthday Girl is Q's only appearance of Season 4 and last one of the series.
  • There are no game-version episodes where Q is moveable because she only appears in 9 episodes of the series.
  • Q appears in 9 episodes of the series. She is the Alphablock who appears in the least amount of episodes due to her being a less-frequent.
  • friend: U, I, Z, E, T, P (possibly) everyone else
  • enemies: U (one side U side)
  • She is like Pinkie Pie from my little pony (both silly)
  • She is like Zobe from DVCC’s Steve and Zobe. (Both silly)


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