"I --ite agree. Stop it, It."

In this episode, Q needs U to quiet It.


U is being chased by Q and bumps into I and T.

i-t, IT!

Suddenly, the ground shakes. Q sticks with U and says, "I said qu-quiet! Did you hear that?" U doesn't believe what he just heard. I thinks It is something big. U thinks it's unbelievably heavy. T thinks it's... tiny, just when a red creature, which is called It, arrives. It comes up to U and says his sound. U, annoyed, asks it to stop. Q agrees and sticks with U again. When It sees Q, it says her sound, which pleases Q, but it still annoys U.

qu-a-ck, QUACK!

Suddenly, It becomes a duck and starts to quack.


“What have I done?”

s-qu-aw-k, SQUAWK!

It becomes a parrot and starts to squawk.

s-qu-ea-k, SQUEAK!

It turns into a mouse and starts to squeak. When I and T come back, I finds It annoying. Then U gets Q to hold It, and tries a word without Q...

u-i-e-t, UIET!

It doesn't work. U decides to stick with Q.

qu-i-e-t, QUIET!

It goes back to its normal form and goes to sleep.


A, CK, E, K, S, AW, and EA only say their sound in this episode.

O is the only vowel who did not appear in this episode.

C and W have no solo lines in this episode.

When I and T return, S is still with Q, U, and E. She is gone for the rest of the video.

B, D, F, G, H, J, L, M, N, O, P, R, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.

The nonsense word UIET is short for University Institute of Engineering and Technology.

When uiet and quiet are spelled, the diagraph/phoneme IE has not been used.


Q: Qooey!!

U: Uhh?

Q: Can I borrow you for a second..?

U: Uh, busy, can't stop!

Q: 'iet, did you hear that?

U: Uh?!

Q: I said (merges with U), qu-quiet! Did you hear that?

I: I think IT is something big.

U: Something unbelievably heavy.

T: Something... tiny.

U: Uh.

I: I.

E: Eh.

T: Tttt.


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