R is the 18th Alphablock in the letter gang.

R is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth In UK And Ashleigh Ball In US.

Name: R

Birthday: March 20, 1974

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Personality: Tomboyish

Color: Red and black


She is a red block wearing a black hat with a white skull-and-crossbone emblem with an eyepatch over her left eye, as is typical in popular depictions of pirates.

Friends and Enemies  

Family: Unnamed Mother

Friends: Other Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Numberjacks, Plusman, The Ehh Guy, The YOU! Guy, Big Yeti (Formerly) , Naughty and Nice pen

Enemies: Wiper, Kim, Jane, Joyce, The Ehh Guy (Formerly), The YOU! Guy (Formerly), Killer Robots, Evil Alien, Vikings, Zombies, Big Yeti, The cockroach , Naughty Cats, Santa, Naughty Pen (Formerly)

Rank: Pirate


  • She is 1 out of 2 female red characters.
  • In some English-speaking countries, the R sound isn't pronounced in R-controlled vowel digraphs.
  • She gets airsick.



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