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Rabbit Situation is an episode of NB


The Broodals visited Eggysburg and met all of the Alphablocks and Numberblocks. After the party, they revealed their true colors and destroyed Eggysburg. Will Seventeen and the Alphablocks defeat those evil rabbits?


The episode begins with Bunnidillos rolling on a hill with Seventeen and Nineteen and the Sea Butterflies were fluttering and brightened the day. One day, a flying ship was heading to the island: it was The Broodals! They hoped on the island to introduce themselves. Madame Broode introduced herself as well. Rango then hugs the citizens except for N because he had enough of this and Sixteen hugged Rango. Seventeen then said that he wanted them to invite their Clubtree After that. The Broodals celebrated their party. Hariet tells the other guys that she says goodbye while taking the Violet Gem. Seventeen says she'll don't. But Hariet, Rango, Spewart, and Topper refuses and sail back the ship and destroy Eggysburg. While Seventeen and Nineteen hold the back of the ship. Madame Broode whacks them off the ship, and they fall back to the shore.

The episode continued on Alphablocks to the Rescue.

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