Race Fun Run is an episode of Series 3. 


Alphablock are ready, compartment wants to Race Fun Run the extreme consonants very race: everyone ready is or Games - but can she do it on her own? T ready the consonants B, D, G, L, P, S and W on race. T wants to everyone. Ready! Steady! GO! And they're off! T is ready Go.

b-i-k-e, BIKE!

B rides a Bike. G tries to catch up.

g-o-r-i-ll-a, GORILLA!

G rides a gorilla. P tries to catch up.

p-l-a-n-e, PLANE!

P rides on sky Plane. Bye on a Alphablocks see. S tries to catch up.

sh-i-p, SHIP!

S rides a Ship some Pirates. S still wants to Ships. T very to her Fun Run Race she can't do it herself. P is still drop in Down.

p-a-r-a-ch-u-t-e, PARACHUTE!

Parachute appears. The Alphablocks can't see! When the D, G, L and W never on vehicle up...

g-oa-t, GOAT!

A Goat appears. CH And U doesn't want to get his you trouble.

d-o-g, DOG!

D rides a Dog. S can clean up with a...

s-u-ch, SUCH!

A Such appears. It whoop the apportioning. Meanwhile...

s-l-u-ch, SLUCH!

L rides a sluch rainbow. T still wants Race Fun Run to win. But she can't!

w-i-n, WIN!

T can finally win. When she reaches the finish line, T and the grand finale Win consonants G, L And P an three award win.


  • Total words: 10
  • F, J, M, Q, V, X, Y and Z are absent in this episode.
  • B, D, I, N, O, R and U only say their sound in this episode.
  • T ready as consonants capital letter in this episode.
    • B, D, G, L, P, S and W race fun run be ready in a compartment of letters.
    • This episode simalar to Birthday.
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